Suzann Fulbright


My research involves investigating relationships between land and sea architecture. The resulting work reflects on maritime and inland themes and the relationship between the two. Taking questions of subject, history and theory, my image making deals with projecting three dimensional arts on to two, resolving issues of representation, abstraction and temporality, the presentation of events in time which I call architectural moments. My working elements are traditional, involving a high degree of realism; the results strive to transcend this.


Limited edition photographs in my collections are products of both 35mm film and digital photography. Optical C-prints and "chrome" prints from film are printed by hand in a professional laboratory. My black and white, photos are printed on fiber and toned in gold in my darkroom. Digital C-prints are printed with LightJet technology on to tradtional photographic papers and processed by a professional lab while my inkjet prints are printed by myself with archival papers and inks.


I was born in St. Louis and raised in Columbia (Missouri) where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Stephens College. While at Stephens I studied mathematics, photography (film and darkroom), fine arts and art history and I worked as an architectural draftsperson and as a printer and chemical and photographic studio assistant for Kim Shafermeyer, photo-chemist. The Columbia Daily Tribune employed me as a photographer before I moved to New York to pursue an education and more work experience in architecture. I studied drawing anatomy with Michael Burbon at the Art Student's League in New York and computer aided design at Consulting for Architects. After four years of working for architectural firms in New York, including Pei Cobb Freed and Partners and Mitchell Giurgola, I was accepted to the Graduate School of Design at Harvard and moved to Cambridge for their MARCH I program. At Harvard, I put my photography to use as a design tool and I worked in the GSD photo lab assisting students. However, many intriguing conversations with Joao Mota, professor of descriptive geometry at the GSD, led me to embark on the above mentioned project, researching the relations between land and sea architecture. I traveled to cities of former maritime empires and maratime museums of Europe, camera equipment in tow, with a view to producing a book in architectural history and theory. While traveling, photography crept back into my life as an artistic medium. The contemporary demands of photography have catapulted me into the digital age so I am working toward a certificate proficiency in visual technology at the Center for Visual Technology at Meramec in St. Louis. My photography has been exhibited in the Art in the Square Art Fair in Belleville, the Central West End Art Fair and Taste, St. Louis, in the welcome areas and book shops of Regates Royales Cannes and Les Voiles St. Tropez and at the Washington University Book Store in St. Louis.